Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Soot on the bathroom walls of a home.

The Result of a Puff Back

We are currently cleaning and restoring this home in Duncansville, PA, that has damage due to a puff back. A puff back occurs when a furnace backfires and shoots smoke and soot into a home or business, covering drapes, bedding, furniture, cabinets, walls and everything in between. Puff backs can cause anything from minor inconvenience to severe damage to your property and heating system. It requires expensive cleaning and restoration in addition to repairs on your heating system.

Getting cozy by the fireplace.

Well-aged Wood is the Best Firewood!

Remember to use well-aged wood the next time you get cozy by the fireplace! Wet or green wood causes more smoke and contributes to soot buildup in the chimney.

A rebuilt living room that experienced fire damage.

Fire Rebuild

This house experienced fire damage in Altoona, PA. This picture was taken after our team completely rebuilt the living room area and made the customer's house feel like home again. 

The damaged electrical box after catching on fire.

The Electrical Disaster in the Basement - Bedford, PA

This was the result of an electrical box that caught on fire, spread to the rafters, and was working it's way up to the first floor. After repairs, the homeowner was quite happy how we were able to make it "Like it never even happened."

Extensive soot and a completely destroyed living room and kitchen area due to a fire.

House Fire in Huntingdon, PA

This was a house fire with very extensive smoke and soot that completely destroyed everything. The house had to be rebuilt. The homeowners were completely ecstatic when the job was completed.